Hundreds Show Up for Swine Flu Shot

Hundreds come out to get their H1N1 vaccine.

Marquette County holds its first swine flu clinic open to the public.

The Superior Dome at NMU was a very busy place.

Lines formed before the clinic opened at noon, and people were still trickling in until closing time at 7 tonight.

1,500 people made appointments for the swine flu shot, and the Marquette County Health Department estimates they saw 2,000 people in all.

Today’s clinic was open to everyone, not just priority populations anymore.

Health Department health officer Fred Benzie says they’ve already inoculated enough people in those groups to no longer consider them priorities.

Those groups included pregnant women, infants, and adults under 65 with histories of chronic illness.

Thanks to federal funding, the H1N1 vaccine shot is free.

Anyone with private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare may have a small administrative fee.

The next clinic in Marquette County will be next Tuesday from 2 to 6 at St. Joseph’s Church in Ishpeming.