Marquette City Manager Search

Marquette is also searching for a new City Manager.

Its current one, Judy Akkala, is retiring on January 15th.

The City Commission has set up a search committee to fill her shoes.

Mayor John Kivela and Commissioners Fred Stonehouse and David Saint-Onge are on that committee.

It’s up to them to filter through the candidates’ job applications.

Saint-Onge says they’ve also hired a firm called Stang Decision Systems to aid the process, and they want to take public input into consideration too.

The final decision is ultimately up to the City Commission.

The search committee will also ask all the commissioners what they’re each looking for from an ideal applicant.

The City Commission has to make an offer to a candidate within 90 days of Akkala stepping down.

Police Chief Mike Angeli will serve as interim City Manager once she retires.