Great Michigan Deer Tales

If you have hunting enthusiasts on your holiday gift list, you know that hunters can often be tough to shop for.

But a new book may help tide them over until the next time they go out and bag a buck.

Marquette author Richard Smith first published a book of deer stories 15 years ago, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the deer hunt in Michigan.

He called the first volume ‘Great Michigan Deer Tales’.

Within the last few months, he’s come out with a 5th volume in the series.

Smith and his wife own and run a publishing company, so they’ve released the book themselves.

Lucy La Faive of Smith Publishing says two of the more unique stories involve 2 people each shooting the same buck.

She says her husband learned of 2 pairs of people who had this happen.

One was a pair of brothers who each bagged the same buck; the other instance saw 2 friends do it.

And she says the stories had very different outcomes.

Book 5 will run you $13 in a store or $60 if you want a set of all 5 volumes.

There are plenty of stories about some of the Michigan men and women who’ve taken the largest bucks and the most unique bucks.

The 3 Book World stores in the U.P. all have the Great Michigan Deer Tales series.

So do the Ben Franklin store in Iron River and Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in Ishpeming.

You can also get it online at .