Gladstone City Manager Resigns

For the second year in a row, the city of Gladstone is ending the year looking for a new City Manager.

Michael Wiesner resigned from the job last night, effective today.

And the City Commission accepted his resignation.

He didn’t give a reason for his desire to leave after having been on the job since February.

Wiesner’s contract calls for him to receive severance benefits.

That includes 4 months’ pay and reimbursement for things like unused vacation time and sick time.

Gladstone’s City Treasurer, Darla Belkin, also serves as assistant city manager.

She’ll take over Wiesner’s job duties until a permanent replacement is hired.

Wiesner’s predecessor as city manager, Brant Kucera, left the U.P. in October 2008 for a similar job in Pennsylvania, his original home state.