Nixel Emergency Messages in Marquette

Starting tomorrow, the Marquette City Police are starting a new program to keep residents better informed of emergency situations.

Nixel is a new program designed to give police an immediate way to notify anyone in their community of emergencies in the area.

Anyone in a Nixel city or town can take part in it and choose to receive priority messages through either e-mail or texts.

Through text message or e-mail.

Det. Sgt. Steve Snowaert says those messages can be about anything from public health emergencies to road closures.

Nixel is free to sign up for.

And, based on the cell phone plan you may have, the texts or e-mails may be free to receive as well.

The new connection won’t only benefit residents, but police as well.

Sgt. Snowaert says

For more questions about Nixle and how to subscribe, police say you can call them at 228-0400.