Smoking Ban Bill Goes to Governor

The Michigan House and Senate have both approved the same version of a smoking ban bill.

It’s gone to Governor Jennifer Granholm, who’s said more than once that she’ll sign it.

What do restaurants and bars, where smoking is typically OK, think about it?

Smoking is still OK most of the time at J.T.’s Shaft in Marquette.

But in March, they made lunchtime smoke-free from 11 to 3 on weekdays.

They also had smoke eaters and a new exhaust system installed.

Eric Drettman owns the Shaft.

He says the response so far, in terms of business from non-smokers, hasn’t been as strong as he expected.

He says it’s been difficult to please both smokers and non-smokers at the same time.

As for a smoking ban, Drettman says he’s all for it, even though he himself smokes.

What he doesn’t want to see are exceptions, like the one the bill has for certain casinos.