MI Senate Approves Smoking Ban Bill

The idea of a smoking ban in Michigan has been kicking around for years.

It’s one step closer tonight to becoming law.

The state Senate has passed a smoking ban bill similar to the one the House approved recently.

If it becomes law, it would ban smoking in most Michigan workplaces, including restaurants and bars.

There are a few exceptions.

Smoking will still be OK in 3 Detroit-area casinos.

That’s because they compete for business with tribal casinos, which which won’t be affected by the bill.

Cigar bars, tobacco specialty shops, home offices and motor vehicles would also be exempt.

The Senate version would take effect next May.

They tried to pass a full ban with no exceptions, like they did a year ago, but they failed this time.

Governor Jennifer Granholm has said more than once that she’d sign a smoking ban into law if one ever reaches her desk.

We’ll have more about the smoking ban bill coming up tomorrow on UGN News.