Winter Blast Creates Road Challenges

It’s hard to miss today — the first major storm of the winter has arrived in the U.P.

The continuous snow and strong winds have made travel tough.

Road crews across the region are busy trying to clear all the roads, but it’s extremely hard to keep up.

The heavy snow, blowing snow and gusty winds cause poor visibility.

And that’s a dangerous combination for anyone who has to drive.

State Police haven’t seen too many accidents because so few people are behind the wheel.

But they’ve been busy today with many cars getting stuck in the snow.

The Negaunee Post’s commander, Lt. John Halpin, says even though the plows have been out for a good while now, if you don’t have to travel anywhere, don’t.

If you have to drive and you want to find out the road conditions, 911 isn’t the way to go.

You can either call 1-800-381-8477 toll-free, or you can head online to .

And if you do get stuck, don’t leave your vehicle.

Lt. Halpin says that’s an easy ticket to frostbite, and it also places your safety at risk in a different way.

With visibility so poor, other drivers on the roads may not be able to see you, and if someone happens to skid, you could easily get hit.

If you have to drive, police recommend that you keep a sign with either ‘Help’ or ‘Call Police’ on it, as well as a first-aid kit, a flashlight and some extra clothes.

The entire U.P. is still under a blizzard warning until 1am Thursday.