Health Clinic for Insured & Uninsured Alike

Anyone in Marquette and Alger Counties who doesn’t have health care coverage is in luck.

If you don’t, you’ll soon have a new place where you can get the treatment you need.

The U.P. Association of Rural Health Services is opening a new clinic in Marquette.

The Marquette-Alger Health Center will offer primary and dental care right off the bat and, eventually, behavioral health services.

And it’s for anyone, whether you have coverage or not.

Joseph Zyble is the Association’s communications director.

He says the center will be federally-qualified, meaning it’ll be able to provide care for anyone who needs it.

The group already runs the Sawyer Dental Center that Marquette General used to operate.

The extremely busy location at City Center on Washington Street downtown should make it easily accessible and should help business.

It’ll open up just after New Year’s.

Zyble says the original goal was to open it just before Christmas, but that hasn’t worked out.

The clinic will be in the same space where the Hotchandani Aesthetic Center used to be.

Dr. Gope Hotchandani is now on probation after pleading guilty to federal health care fraud last year.