Sawyer Airport Projects Wrap Up

New projects at Sawyer Airport may help bring in corporate clients interested in doing business at the former Air Force base.

Contractors recently finished 2 major projects at the airport.

One of the projects included Phase 3 of the airport’s ongoing pavement rehabilitation program.

The second major project of th summer included completely overhauling 4 old hangars from the air base — Hangars 662, 663, 666 and 402 — inside and out.

Airport manager Keith Kaspari hopes more businesses will see the appeal of the new hangars based on energy efficiency.

Cliffs Natural Resources is one of those.

They’re going to occupy Hangar 666 with the Renewafuel project.

Airport staff are working on another project for 3 other hangars.

They’re restoring those with new electrical services and interior lighting similar to the ones they’ve just worked on.