Stupak Town Hall in Escanaba

The U.P.’s voice in Congress went a while without having any in-person town hall meetings after the national health care debate heated up.

But now he’s hosting a second one.

Congressman Bart Stupak is having a town hall meeting in Escanaba tomorrow night.

It starts at 5:30 at Bay College’s Besse Center.

Stupak will have an update on his work in Congress.

And he’ll also answer questions that anyone who shows up will have a chance to ask him.

If it holds to the form his Negaunee towns hall meeting took recently, most of the questions will probably be about health care and the economy.

But they don’t have to be just about those things.

As before, signs, banners and posters won’t be allowed in the building.

Only credentialed members of the media will be allowed to record it.

UGN News will be there, and we’ll have a wrap-up of it tomorrow night at 10 and 11.