2 State Troopers Returning to Work, Not 3

New information tonight about the U.P. state troopers returning next week from months of layoffs.

1 of them won’t be coming back.

Back on Friday, the State Police 8th District Headquarters in Marquette told us 3 troopers were coming back to work — 1 each from the Calumet, L’Anse and Munising Posts.

But the trooper from Munising has decided to not return.

The Munising Post will have to make do with what it already has.

In addition to the layoffs, the State Police also had to deal with mileage restrictions this summer to cut costs.

But those limits were lifted on October 1st.

There are still a half-dozen more U.P. state troopers who haven’t been called back to work yet.

And there are 39 more in the Lower Peninsula.

Captain Myles McCormack, the 8th District Commander, says there are no signs they’ll be able to return to work anytime soon.