Police Look for Counterfeiting & Fraud Suspects

The economy is causing people to commit financial crimes more often, and 2 of those crimes have Marquette City Police asking for your help.

One of them involves bogus bills.

On October 12th, a man bought items at Econo Foods with a $50 bill that turned out to be counterfeit.

Police have surveillance video of him from the store.

He’s white, 6′ tall, 190 to 200 pounds, and has dark hair with a dark beard.

Detective Sgt. Mike Kohler says they want to find not just that man, but where the bill came from, so they can prevent future counterfeiting.

And there’s another incident where city police say they could use some help.

It’s a stolen credit card incident that happened on August 3rd at the Marquette Target store.

They also have surveillance video of the 2 people of interest in that case, and they’re asking for help to identify them, too.

Sgt. Kohler says both kinds of incidents are on the rise with the weak economy making more people desperate.

If you know anything about either the counterfeit cash or stolen credit card, city police are asking you to call them at 228-0400.