2 Iron Mountain City Councilors Quit

2 members of the Iron Mountain City Council quit, effective immediately.

And the city’s mayor is one of them.

Mayor Jeff VanLaanen and Councilor Dan Burke turned in their resignation letters yesterday.

Neither one of them gave a reason.

2 days ago, Burke’s re-election bid came up short, losing to Colin Jacobetti.

But he still had 2 more months to serve as a lame duck.

VanLaanen still had 2 years left in his term.

The remaining council members will be asking for city residents to apply to fill those seats.

They have to be filled within 30 days of coming open, which makes the deadline December 4th.

Because VanLaanen was the sitting mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Tina Peterson will assume that role for now.

Then the council will choose a new mayor at its first meeting of 2010.