Up-to-Date School Closures

The rate that area school systems are shutting themselves down due to sick kids is certainly slowing down.

But there *are* still some new ones.

Earlier this week, the Baraga schools said classes would be off until tomorrow.

But now they’ve pushed things back a little bit.

Both buildings are now closed until Monday.

The Bessemer schools are joining them.

They’re also closed for the rest of the week.

The Ironwood schools and All Saints Christian Academy have gone a step further than that.

They’re closed for not just the rest of the week, but also for next Monday.

The L’Anse schools have been shut down since Monday afternoon.

They’re still closed for the rest of the week, as is Sacred Heart School.

The Watersmeet schools are still planning to open back up next Monday after being closed all week.

The West Iron County bchools were closed for most of last week.

They tried to open back up 2 days ago.

But that didn’t work out, and they’ll try again on Monday.

Several KBIC programs are done for the week as well.

Their Head Start/Early Childhood Development program for both mornings and afternoons is closed.

Those, and the Early Head Start program, are all shut down for the entire week.