Stepping Up in the U.P., Part 3

In just a few months, an old park in Negaunee has been brought back to life.

While it took the help of the city and its residents, it started with one lady who wanted a safe, fun place to take her grandchildren.

UGN’s Lindsey Cramer has her story in Part 3 of her series, ‘Stepping Up in the U.P.’.

Anna Mattson moved near Miners Park in Negaunee about 3 years ago.

After making many trips to other U.P. parks for her grandkids, she wanted a nice place for them to play that was closer to home.

She saw an opening on the city’s Parks & Rec Board, tossed her hat into the ring and got the position.

Shortly after she joined, the board prioritized the city’s parks for improvement projects.

Miners Park landed at the top.

She took charge of the park project, turning to Lakeview Elementary School students.

They started the Pennies for the Park campaign, putting up canisters and posters to collect $7,000 in donations to help the city out.

The planning for the improvements started in April.

At the end of the summer, Miners Park got a makeover.

Slides and swings were added, and the old play structure was taken out.

The steelworkers’ union donated their pavilion to the park, green space was preserved, and the improvements could continue.

Right now, the city is waiting to hear if they get a grant that would help with added security lighting and bathrooms.

Mattson says she’ll continue to work with the Parks & Rec Committee to improve other parks in the city.

She’s looking for sponsors and grants to make those upgrades happen.