New Round of Flu School Closures

Just as most of the school districts closed last week by illness open again, some new ones take their places.

But one closed for much of last week is still shuttered.

One building in the Baraga School District has been closed already — Pelkie Elementary School.

But now class is off at both buildings until Thursday.

Next door, the L’Anse schools tried to have a normal class day, but they let the kids go a little after 1pm.

And they’re closed for the rest of the week.

Watersmeet is closed for the week as well, with more than 25% of their students out sick.

The West Iron County Schools were closed for most of last week, and they tried to go back to normal today.

But too many of their kids were still sick, too, so they’re done for this week.

Republic United Methodist Church School in Republic also shut down for today only.