Superior Central Flu Cleanup

There’s also one more school district that closed today.

But cleanup efforts at the Superior Central School in Eben have apparently been going well.

The school’s been closed since Monday.

Superintendent and Principal Pamela Morris says they’ll try to open back up tomorrow, which is what they’d been shooting for since they closed.

Staff have already cleaned and disinfected all hard surfaces, as well as everything in each school bus, classroom and locker room.

Most of the districts that have closed have had mainly younger students getting sick.

The reverse happened at Superior Central.

Morris says at the end of the day Monday, 30% of their middle and high school students were ill.

19% of the elementary-age kids were.

She says faculty and staff haven’t been affected — they didn’t have any more subs teaching on Monday than usual.

But they wanted to give kids a chance to get healthy again before the situation reached that point.