Old Marquette Streetcar Finally Being Restored

A piece of U.P. history found in the woods will now be restored, so future generations can see an early example of public transportation for themselves.

One of the earliest streetcars from the Marquette City and Presque Isle Railway has been brought to K.I. Sawyer today to be restored.

A father and son stumbled upon the streetcar a few years ago while they were riding their ATVs.

They found it in some woods off Green Garden Road, in the Beaver Grove section of Chocolay Township.

The Marquette County History Museum got involved, and they hope to make it a long-term project.

Volunteers interested in old Streetcar #20 will work on the restorations.

The work could take several years to complete.

But once it’s done, the streetcar will be moved to the new Marquette County History Museum, and it’ll have an exhibit inside.

Museum staff broke ground yesterday for the new facility on Spring Street in Marquette, inside of what was until 2005 the city’s Marq-Tran bus terminal.