Grounded Russian Plane Can Be Sold

The Soviet Union-era cargo plane at Sawyer Airport may finally be on the way out.

Marquette Circuit Judge Thomas Solka hands down a default judgment, paving the way for the plane to be sold.

The hearing took place shortly before the close of business today.

UGN News contacted Judge Solka’s office just before closing time.

They didn’t have any word on how much money in damages the judgment is for.

But however much it is, the plane can now be sold to cover the amount.

Tactical Air Defense Services of West Palm Beach, Florida owns it.

A Texas company, Air-1 Flight Support, says Tactical owes them more than $60,000 in storage and fuel costs for the plane.

It’s been grounded since mid-July.

5 crew members, including the pilot, were from Ukraine and were in the U.S. on expired visas.

They’ve since been deported.