1 More Flu Closure Amid Budget Cut Worries

Ishpeming is getting some company in having its schools idled for the start of the week.

The Menominee schools will be closed this coming Monday and Tuesday.

Administration there says all practices for sports teams are cancelled Monday too.

But the flu isn’t all that school districts are concerned about.

They’re worried about more budget cuts.

Governor Jennifer Granholm was asking school officials in Muskegon and Grand Rapids today to help her convince the legislature to raise more money for education.

This comes a day after she ordered another $127 school budget cut per Michigan student.

The cut will take effect in 30 days unless new revenue is found to make up for it.

Republicans in the state House and Senate say Granholm is inventing a school budget crisis so that she can pressure them to raise taxes, something they’ve said they adamantly oppose.

Both the governor and lawmakers have already agreed to cut school funding $165 per student across the state.