UPSET Continues Drug Sweep

The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team continues its drug sweep with 3 more arrests yesterday.

They arrested a 50-year-old St. Jacques woman on 5 different drug counts — 3 of cocaine delivery, 1 of marijuana delivery and 1 of prescription drug delivery.

UPSET and other agencies carried out a drug bust, and they found quite a bit of evidence of drug sales.

They also found marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and prescription drugs.

A Hannahville woman was also arrested for marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

She’s in the Mackinac County Jail — police found drugs in her vehicle as she was crossing the Mackinac Bridge.

The other suspect is a Marquette man charged with 2 counts of heroin delivery and 2 more of conspiracy to do the same.

He’s in the Marquette County Jail.

This makes 33 arrests in the last 2 weeks.

UPSET says dozens of arrest warrants are still pending.