Overnight Snow Leads to Morning Wrecks

The first snowfall tends to serve as a wake-up call for many drivers, telling many of us to slow down with ice on the roads.

It was a busy morning for the Negaunee State Police Post, with numerous accidents across Marquette County.

Trooper Phillip Stanton says in the first 2 to 3 hours of the morning drive, they had 15 injury or damage accidents to respond to.

No one was seriously hurt in any of them.

Stanton says they were mainly due to drivers not slowing down on slick conditions.

With the various accidents needing attention, State Police were fortunate enough to receive extra help.

With extra manpower available to them this morning, they could promptly help out at all of the wrecks.

Some of those extra people are recent police academy grads.

With future snow something the area can count on, Stanton recommends taking extra time each morning for your commute, so you won’t need to rush and can drive at a speed that gives you the most control of the wheel.