Arrests in Kingsford Break-In Spree

Police think they’ve caught the 2 men who went on a theft spree in the Kingsford area last week.

City Public Safety says they’re 2 young men from Kingsford, 23-year-old Brandon Dotson and 26-year-old Coe Lewis, Jr.

The county Prosecutor’s Office is charging them both with 3 counts of larceny from a building and 2 counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle with damage.

Dotson is also charged as a habitual offender, and prosecutors may file even moore charges later.

Dotson and Lewis are slated to have their preliminary exams on October 15th.

The charges come from about 30 thefts from vehicles in 1 night last week.

Public Safety says they all happened between 10 Central time last Tuesday night and 3 Wednesday morning.