Students Work to Keep Promise Scholarship

With the state budget deadline looming, college students statewide are hoping lawmakers find a way to save the Michigan Promise scholarship.

Many of them, including NMU students, depend on it.

NMU’s Associated Students group has been doing all it can to save the scholarship, joining groups from other Michigan public universities in the process.

They’ve been contacting legislators, asking them to preserve the funding for the $4,000 scholarship based on academic achievement in high school.

ASNMU President Jason Morgan is a recipient himself, and he hopes lawmakers listen.

He says if the Michigan Promise scholarship goes away, many students will either have to rack up a lot more debt or even drop out of school entirely.

The ASNMU is also part of the Student Association of Michigan, which represents all of the Public 15 universities.

They recently formed a legislative research committee, headed by NMU students, to work on higher education funding issues in the future.

That legislative research committee is in the planning stages right now, but Morgan says the goal is to roll it out next year.