Swine Flu Case Confirmed at NMU

The swine flu hasn’t affected the U.P. like it has most of the country, but it’s slowly making inroads.

A confirmed case showed up at Bay College in Escanaba last week.

And now, the H1N1 flu has made its way to Northern Michigan University.

School officials say the virus has been confirmed in 1 student.

Dr. Tom Schacht is the director of NMU’s Health Center.

He says the unnamed student came to the center last Tuesday feeling ill.

Test results from a downstate lab came back positive late Friday night.

Dr. Schacht says 4 or 5 other students are now listed as probable cases as well.

But he also says there’s no reason to panic, since none of the cases are serious.

He expects all those students to fully recover in a week or less, about the same timespan as the seasonal flu.