Counties Waiting for Swine Flu Pandemic Grants

Several newly-approved swine flu vaccines are about to come out.

And area health departments are eagerly waiting for grant funds to help them get the vaccine to those who need it most.

Pretty soon, the Marquette County Health Department will receive about $110,000.

Once they get the swine flu vaccine, the money will cover the costs associated with getting it out into the community.

Corrine Brownell of the Marquette County Health Department says although the vaccine itself is free of charge, there are still costs involved to pay nurses to give the shots.

There are also costs with preventative measures in schools and other high-traffic areas.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved 4 swine flu vaccines yesterday for use.

The first doses will start to come out in about 4 weeks.

And the government has ordered 195 million doses, so everyone who wants one should be able to get one.

Brownell says the funding should come in sometime within the next couple of months — it could be anytime after the new fiscal year starts on October 1st.

But the vaccine for regular seasonal flu is already available for this year.

She suggests either stopping into a health department clinic, or seeing your primary care doctor, for that flu shot.