Marquette Township Hall Meeting

The Marquette Township Board met with it’s residents tonight to further the plans for the townships water system. In August voters turned down the controversial water project, and now the board is asking input from it’s residents on whats next. Since voters turned down the project, the township lost the stimulus funding and the two percent guarantee over the next twenty years. During the process the board has had to accomplish various aspects to qualify for the funding consideration. One option is to keep the system as is, with the township having one water system regardless of those on different water systems. That’s one third of the residents rates are the same across the township with everyone sharing debt retirement. The other two thirds of the townships residents who have well systems are not impacted. Many residents agreed with the board saying one system would keep the community close. But there were others who voiced their opinion for a different option, making the two part seperate system. The Marquette Township’s Board is next Tuesday, September 15th where they will possibly have more discussion on the topic and a decision at that time.