The U.P. Dog Whisperer Helps People Connect with their Dog

A Marquette County man known as the “Dog Whisperer” has been helping people better connect with and control their canine.

Andrew Bek, the U.P. Dog Whisperer, started classes last year to help people connect with their dog.

He’s teaching more classes this fall due to the popularity.

Bek says he doesn’t teach obedience training, he trains people to form a connection with their dog. Then they are able to train them, once they build that connection.

Some common problems Bek helps with are dogs acting aggressive or fearful, leash pulling, barking, and chewing.

He helps people of all ages connect with dogs of all breeds.

Bek also volunteers at the humane society, to help dogs become more adoptable.

He will be holding dog whisperer classes at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center and area schools starting next week.