Bay College Faculty Reach Out to Less Priviledged

Before the school year begins at Bay College in Escanaba, the faculty is given a course on how they can help less privileged college students reach their full potential. Co–author of the book, “Understanding and Engaging Under–resourced College Students”, Dr. Bethanie Tucker spoke to Bay College Faculty about how to engage underprivileged students.

Many under–resourced students lack the skills and money resources to succeed in higher education. Based on their harsh lifestyle, many underpriviledged families aren’t able to look into a future plan, but instead focus on how to make today’s ends meet. Tucker believes by building a relationship between the faculty and student, the student can succeed to their fullest potential. The book, “Understanding and Engaging Under–resourced College Students” was based on Dr. Rubie Payne’s work.

Classes start for Bay College next week.