NMU Police Academy Graduation

26 police recruits training in the U.P. are now eligible to become officers in Michigan.

Northern Michigan University’s Regional Police Academy held a graduation ceremony for the recruits.

Friends and family gathered at NMU’s Jacobetti Center for the event.

The recruits have completed a 16-week, 800-hour basic training course and are now ready to serve.

The police graduates come from all over the state.

They went through training in police procedures, driving, firearms and defensive tactics.

All graduates had to have an associate’s degree upon completing the police academy.

Out of the 26 graduates, 5 are in the hiring process and 5 already have jobs waiting for them.

2 of them were sworn into the Alger County Sheriff’s Department today.

2 more joined the Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department, and another has been sworn into the Chocolay Township Police.