More Re-Uses for Vandenboom School

When students in the Marquette area go back to class in a couple of weeks, they won’t be heading to one particular school anymore.

But some good things are still happening there.

Kindergarten through 3rd-graders left Vandenboom Elementary School for the final time this spring.

But the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development is moving in.

In the tough budgetary climate, they were looking for a way to cut spending without cutting services.

Ann Gonyea of the GLCYD says they’re saving money on overhead costs, and they’ll be able to take that money and apply it to their programs instead.

Some other nonprofits have moved into Vandenboom recently — the Central U.P. chapter of the Red Cross and the Marquette County YMCA both have programs there.

The GLCYD has working relationships with both groups, and this should make it easier for them to collaborate.

Gonyea says the center should be completely moved in, and back to normal operation, by the end of the day tomorrow.