What Do Drivers Think of Higher Speed Limits?

UGN News learned yesterday of a push to raise the speed limit on M-28 and US-2 from 55 miles an hour to 65.

The Marquette County Road Commission and County Board are behind the effort right now.

We were able to find out what they think.

But how do drivers see it?

We spent more than an hour asking drivers at a Marquette-area gas station for their opinions.

In all that time, no one was willing to speak with us on camera.

But a lot were willing to talk if we kept the camera turned off.

About a third of the people we spoke with didn’t have any opinion either way.

Another third liked the idea of raising the limit on the Seney Stretch of M-28 but didn’t like it elsewhere.

The other third was enthusiastic about faster speeds on both highways.

Marquette County Board member Bob Struck says the only road in the U.P. with a speed limit higher than 55 is a 50-mile stretch of I-75 near St. Ignace.

The County Board and the Road Commission are both asking their counterpart agencies across the region if they’d like M-28 and US-2 traffic to move faster.

MDOT has the final say, though.