Higher Speed Limits on US-2 & M-28?

It’s flown under the radar recently, but there’s a push underway to raise the speed limit on some long stretches of U.P. highway.

The Marquette County Road Commission recently considered higher speeds on M-28 and US-2 across the entire U.P.

Under their request, every portion of the highways where the limit is now 55 miles an hour would see it raised to 65.

They’re asking other county road commissions what they think.

Jim Iwanicki of the Road Commission says some members of the commission had been looking at the idea for several years, especially along the Seney Stretch of M-28.

He says speed limits there have come up at lots of regional conferences the group attens.

The Marquette County Board voted to send a letter to MDOT supporting the move.

MDOT has final say over what speed limits on state highways should be, based on input from people like the State Police.

Bob Struck of the Marquette County Board says both agencies have to study people’s driving patterns on the affected stretches of highway, and they also need to consult with local governments for their OK’s.

But besides all those agencies, what do area drivers think?

We’ll talk with drivers about the idea tomorrow on UGN News.