Escanaba Power Plant Ballot Question

For the second time this year, Escanaba residents are determining the fate of the city’s power plant at the ballot box.

The City Council is asking voters in a ballot question whether or not they should have the ability to sell the plant.

If the question passes, and if the council votes to sell the plant, the city would then buy energy off the power grid.

In May, voters were asked a slightly different question.

That one asked if the City Council could have the power to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the plant however it sees fit.

A majority of voters approved, but it needed 60% approval to pass.

And it came 18 votes short of that.

City residents are fairly evenly divided on the issue — the ones we spoke with today had mixed feelings on what they believe should happen.

The city has been thinking of selling the half-century-old plant because of escalating electricity and coal costs.

There are 2 companies interested in buying the plant and converting it to run on wood biomass.