Well Project Funding Going to Voters

Debate rages on in Marquette Township over the controversial proposed well water drilling project.

The project has led to 2 separate recall efforts which, between them, encompass all 7 people on the township board.

Several residents spoke out against the water project at last night’s board meeting.

The issue is going to township voters 2 weeks from now.

But they’re not being asked whether the project will happen.

It’s up to the board to vote on that.

Voters are being asked how the work would be paid for if it does take place.

About 40% of the total cost is covered by stimulus money.

The township has already spent about $500,000 on developing test wells, and designing and engineering the project.

If the bond proposal is voted down, the board will need to either find another funding source or scrap the project.

If the wells are built, they’d create a water source for the township independent from the City of Marquette.

It’s something Marquette Township has never had.

Township staff are listening to tentative construction bids for the well-drilling.

And the township board will talk about the possible bids at a special meeting July 30th.