State Police React to Crime Lab Move

UGN News learned yesterday that the U.P.’s only State Police crime lab has a long-awaited new home picked out.

The State Police have a timeline in place for moving into it.

And they won’t have to wait long.

The Marquette forensic lab is in the process of moving elsewhere in the city.

It’s headed to Industrial Parkway, which is off of Wright Street.

They’re renting an old U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service facility from real estate developer Peter O’Dovero.

State Police polygraph examiner Det. Sgt. Eric Bannan says O’Dovero Properties has done a lot of work to get the new home ready, with renovations, electrical and installation of new walls.

The new lab will be up and running August 3rd, a week from this coming Monday.

Almost everything at the existing lab is boxed up and ready to go.

That means the State Police haven’t been able to take in any new evidence since last week.

They won’t be able to again until they settle in.

The goal is to make the move to Industrial Parkway permanent.

Sgt. Dannan says State Police headquarters in Lansing intends to buy the building from O’Dovero and is trying to come up with funding to make it happen.

He says the State Police 8th District headquarters would also move there.

As you might remember from this spring, there were several proposals on the table for a crime lab site.

One of those plans attracted a great deal of local support.

We’ll have their reaction to the move coming up tomorrow on UGN News.