U.P. In Line for Home Heating Help

It hasn’t come to Michigan yet, but another piece of the federal stimulus bill is on its way.

And this one may help you cut down on your energy bills.

The latest piece is for home weatherization programs around the country.

Michigan will receive $97 million.

Assistance agencies like AMCAB in Marquette haven’t received the money yet.

AMCAB executive director Earl Hawn says the U.S. Department of Energy is still working on the logistics of getting the funding out.

But he says AMCAB’s share will be $1 million for each of the next 3 years, and he says other sister agencies around the U.P. will also get a lot of help.

The work involves improvements to things like boilers, water heaters and insulation to make all of them more efficient.

Any family that has it done will see about a 25% savings on utility bills each month.

Hawn says the stimulus money should help AMCAB and its sister agencies around the Upper Peninsula help out 3,000 families each year that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to help.

To get more information, and see if you qualify for the help, AMCAB is working on a regional website for the entire U.P.

It’s www.bewiseweatherize.com .

It wasn’t up and running yet the last time we checked, which was early Thursday evening.

But it should be within a day or two.