Missing Iron Mountain Man’s Body Found

Police in northern Wisconsin say the dead body that turned up in a creek on Monday is an Iron Mountain man who’d been missing for 9 months.

The Marinette County Sheriff’s Department says they’ve identified the body as 28-year-old Eric Volp.

He was last seen alive outside a bar in Iron Mountain on October 12th.

Police say his body had decomposed enough that it could have been in the water for that long.

A trout fisherman found the body in a creek in Dunbar, Wisconsin.

They identified Volp through dental records and through a tattoo on the back of his neck.

They’re still looking into the cause of his death, but they say it was not a drowning.

Police are calling Volp’s death both unnatural and suspicious.

They have no suspects yet, and it should take 4 to 6 weeks for forensics test results to come back.

Officials aren’t sure how Volp could have ended up in Dunbar.

The town is more than 20 miles from Iron Mountain, and he had no means of transportation on the night he disappeared.

Volp was also an insulin-dependent diabetic, and he didn’t have any insulin with him that night.