Closure Looms for Gwinn Middle School

Gwinn Middle School will shut its doors next summer.

Now Gwinn school officials are talking about where the students will go.

The school board hopes Gwinn-area voters will pass a millage increase.

It would supply $1.5 million to transform the Gwinn High School pool into space for 7th-and-8th-graders.

Gwinn Superintendent Mike Maino says the pool area and lockers haven’t been used since 2006.

The school board decided in March to close the middle school due to continued declining enrollment.

That would save the district $150,000 a year in operating costs.

If the millage isn’t approved by voters, there’s one more option the district is considering.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade would go to Gilbert Elementary, and 4th through 8th would be moved to Sawyer Elementary.

The district would still save money doing things this way instead of keeping the middle school open.

But it would add $40,000 a year in transportation costs that the pool renovation option wouldn’t have.