Tour De Revs Rides Through Marquette

It was a perfect day for a bike ride. Three Lutheran Pastors from West Virginia led a group of bike riders through Marquette to help raise awareness for stopping world hunger. The “Tour de Revs” are making 65 stops across the country, with Marquette being about stop number 30.

“We’re encouraging Lutherans to change their lifestyle, so that they would think more and be more aware of the hungry in their own towns and across the world,” said Reverend Ron Schlak. “20 percent of the people in this world have 80 percent of the food. That means that 80% of the people in this world have to exist on only 20 percent of the food. We who have the food, how wonderful it would be if we shared it a little bit more.”

The three reverends are riding a three person, 30 speed, bamboo bike during their long journey, which concludes on August 20, in Minneapolis, MN.

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