All 7 Mqt. Twp. Board Members Face Recalls

Every single member of the Marquette Township Board is facing a possible recall.

It’s coming out of the controversial, $5-million-plus project to start a water system independent from Marquette City’s by drilling new wells.

A township resident is planning a recall push against the 4 board members who recently voted for the project.

Township Supervisor Ray Adamini, Township Clerk Patricia Mayer, and Trustees Karen Lohf and Linda Winslow have their slots at risk.

They’ve all received recall notices.

A clarity hearing on the recall petition against them is set for June 5th.

Mayer’s husband has also filed recall papers against the 3 board members who opposed the new wells.

They are Township Treasurer Ernest Johnson and Trustees Lyn Durant and Dianna Truscott.

An August ballot question will decide the fate of the water project.