Life Without Parole for Swimmer Shooter

It’s life in prison without parole for the man behind last year’s swimmer shootings.

38-year-old Scott Johnson of Kingsford went on a shooting spree just across the Wisconsin border last July.

He shot and killed Tiffany Pohlson of Vulcan, as well as Bryan Mort and Anthony Spigarell of Iron Mountain.

Johnson shot them from the East Kingsford train bridge over the Menominee River.

Daniel Gordon of Kingsford was wounded.

In March, Johnson pleaded no contest to 10 different felonies.

3 of them were 1st-degree intentional homicide charges.

When Johnson made those pleas, he said he felt no remorse over what he did.

He said he planned to kill the teens, as well as any police who came to investigate.

But he couldn’t get clean shots at the officers.