The UP and Coming Trend, Part 2

The obesity issue is affecting every part of the U.S., including the U.P.

The 2 main components of the problem are the apparent epidemic of unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical activity.

Fortunately, there are groups in the U.P. that recognize those problems and are trying to give healthy alternatives.

UGN’s Kristina Kuestner looks into some of those healthier options in Part 2 of her series, ‘The UP and Coming Trend’.

Processed foods are something Americans have come to terms with — fast, easy and affordable.

Unfortunately, that’s become obvious in our health statistics, too.

But some are trying to change that by adjusting the ingredients.

Sweet Water Cafe co-owner Ursala Stock is one of them.

The restaurant has been around since 1993, striving to make dishes with freshly-prepared whole ingredients.

Stock says the idea is to provide a healthier alternative to what can be found elsewhere.

But it’s not just Sweet Water doing this anymore.

Sarah Monte is the education and programs coordinator for the Marquette Food Co-Op.

She works on things like community education classes and tours to show customers healthy choices that they can take home.

But based on recent findings, showing 1 in 3 kids in the Marquette school system is considered obese, it’s not just adults that need to make healthy choices.

Kids do, too.

Jim Edwards of the U.P. Children’s Museum says as much of a problem as obesity is now, he thinks with findings like those, it’ll become an even greater problem in 20 to 30 years unless something is done now.

With the help of the Marquette County Health Department, the Children’s Museum holds a Fruits and Veggies Venture to entice kids to eat more of those things.

Whether the focus is on adults or kids, the results are the same — a healthier U.P. lifestyle.

But healthy eating habits are only half the battle.

Tomorrow, in the final part of her ‘UP and Coming Trend’ series, Kristina will look at groups that promote healthy physical activity for all ages.