No Word of U.P. GM Dealers Closing…Yet

Car dealers that specialize in General Motors vehicles all held their breath today.

GM told about 1100 U.S. dealers that within a year and a half, they’ll no longer be part of the company’s dealer network.

Unlike Chrysler-Fiat, GM would not release a detailed list of the dealers they want gone.

But GM is saying it sent letters to all 1100 of those dealers.

ABC 10 has been trying to contact as many U.P. GM dealerships as possible.

So far, not a single one we’ve heard from has received a letter.

GM representatives actually did contact some dealerships to specifically tell them they wouldn’t be cut.

Public Service Garage and Frei Chevy in Marquette were 2 of those.

The news came as a big relief to employees; they’ve all been trying to get on with business in spite of what’s floating around in the news.

It’s not a secret that the Big 3 automakers are all in big financial trouble.

But many U.P. dealers haven’t seen a huge drop in business, which might explain why few, if any, are being dropped.

We’ve also heard from several other area dealers who know for sure that GM is not dropping them.

Fox Negaunee, Newberry Motors, Edwards Automotive in Iron Mountain and Curran Chevy in Manistique have told ABC 10 that their relationships with GM aren’t going away.

As for dealers not on this list, all that means is they didn’t hear anything from GM today, either good or bad.

Most of them we spoke with told us that in this case, no news is good news.