The ‘W’ May Have New Life

The South County Community and Fitness Center is closing its doors tonight.

But a local non-profit group is trying to raise money to keep it open.

Lisa Johnson lives in Skandia, and she’s a member of Community Hand-UP.

She recently submitted an application through West Branch Township for a grant from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

MSHDA is receiving the money from the federal stimulus bill.

Community Hand-UP is looking for $850,000.

Most of that would go to improving the ‘W’ ‘s energy efficiency, cutting down on its massive utility bills.

Johnson says those bills come out to several hundred thousand dollars a year.

She says MSHDA could decide on the grant as soon as June 1st.

Community Hand-UP is also looking to raise money to re-open the ‘W’.

The group’s hoping to raise at least $100,000 for that purpose.

That amount would be enough to run the ‘W’ for several months.

Johnson says anyone who wants to donate can send a check to:

Community Hand-UP

P.O. Box 106

Skandia, MI 49885 .

She also says you can call 942-7258 if you want to know more.