Esky Power Plant May Go Back to Voters

Voters in Escanaba just decided 3 days ago what the city council should have the power to do with the city’s power plant.

But residents have not heard the last of the issue.

The council is writing a ballot question for the August 4th election.

They want to ask if they should have the power to sell the plant.

For it to get onto the August ballot, the county clerk’s office has to approve the question by May 26th.

So council members plan to have it written by their next meeting, which is the 21st.

The proposed question is more restrictive than the one Escanaba voters just had at the polls on Tuesday.

That one asked if the council could sell, lease or get rid of the power plant in any way they see fit.

But it came 18 votes short of the 60% margin that it needed to pass.