Bonnie Hoff Lawsuit Finally Settled

The City of Marquette’s 4-year-long legal battle with its former city attorney is finally over.

Bonnie Hoff has reached a settlement with the city.

The City Commission voted to fire her in early 2005.

She sued the city as a result.

In 2006, she won a circuit court ruling that when the commission fired her, it violated the state Open Meetings Act.

Former commissioners Sue Kensington and Sandy Spoelstra were specifically singled out.

The state Court of Appeals and the state Supreme Court both upheld the ruling.

And all 4 commissioners who voted to fire Hoff were later recalled from office.

The details of the settlement haven’t been released.

Also, City Manager Judy Akkala and Hoff’s own attorney, Steven Pence, were unavailable for comment when we tried to reach them today.