Granholm Talks with Humboldt Township About Crime Lab

Right now, representatives from Humboldt Township are in Marquette.

They’re meeting with Governor Jennifer Granholm about possibly moving the state police crime lab to their area.

A former Navy Extremely Low Frequency communication post, or ELF site, is one of 3 possible area locations for the new crime lab.

The NMU campus and the Negaunee State Police Post are the other 2.

The ELF station is billed as not only the least expensive option, but also the one with the most additional uses.

It would have room for ballistics and firearms training, and the potential to serve as a central support station for firefighters.

Humboldt Township is willing to share the cost of necessary renovations at the ELF site.

As we mentioned, the talks with the governor are happening right now.

We’ll have more for you tonight at 10 and 11 on how they went.