Food Banks With Bare Pantries

4 months into the new year, it’s evident based on recent layoffs the recession is hurting just about all of us.

But that’s especially so for organizations that help those of us in the most need.

The Central U.P. Food Bank is hurting for donations.

Last year, the Food Bank closed at least 5 of their pantry sessions, where anyone in need can come get some food.

Food bank manager Dave Mason says due to the lack of donations, and a 30-40% increase in need he’s seen this year, the pantry days may be forced to shut down again soon.

The Ishpeming Business Association set aside March as Food Bank Month in the city, and that helped.

But with the help from businesses, hundreds of thousands of pounds of food is still needed across the 6 counties the Central U.P. Food Bank takes care of.

The Food Bank leverages thousands of pounds of food for pennies on the dollar, so cash donations are recommended.

To donate, you can call them at 485-4988.